Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'Abbasuddin Ahmed

'Abbasuddin Ahmed (1901-1959) was a disciple of Kazi Nazrul Islam, he spent about twenty years with him. He was a master of at least two varieties of folk songs: bhawiya and palligeeti. He influenced the resurgence of Bengali Muslims and, with poet Jasimuddin, was instrumental in popularizing folksongs. 'Abbasuddin is credited with having popularized Islamic songs. He is also known for using a two-string musical instrument (duo tara). He received Pakistan’s "Pride of Performance" award. Abbasuddin’s autobiography is entitled Amer Shilpa Jeban.

Alternative names include:

'Abbas Uddin Ahmed
'Abbasuddin Ahmed
Ahmed, 'Abbas Uddin
Ahmed, 'Abbasuddin  

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