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'Abd Allah ibn Buluggin ibn Badis

‘Abd Allah ibn Buluggin ibn Badis (b. 1056 - d. after 1090, in Meknes), also known as 'Abdallah ibn Buluggin, was the ruler of the Zirid dynasty in Granada from 1064 to 1090 whose reign was marked by armed conflicts with his Muslim neighbors and by compromises with Alfonso VI, king of Castile.  He is also known for his Memoirs.
'Abd Allah ibn Buluggin ibn Badis, also known as al-Muzaffar, the conqueror, was the grandson of Badis ibn Habus. He was the last Zirid ruler of the Taifa of Granada (1073-1090). The Zirids were of North African Berber descent.

During his exile in Aghmat, Ibn Buluggin wrote his memoires and the history of the Zirids in Granada. It is entitled Al-Tibyan an al-haditha al-kaina bi-dawlat Bani Ziri fi Gharnata (An Expositon of the Downfall of the Zirid Dynasty in Granada).

Alternative names include:

'Abdallah ibn Buluggin
'Abd Allah ibn Buluggin ibn Badis
"The Conqueror"
Ibn Badis
Ibn Badis, 'Abd Allah ibn Buluggin
Ibn Buluggin
Ibn Buluggin, 'Abdallah
Muzaffar, al-

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