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'Abd al-Malik ibn Abi Amir

‘Abd al-Malik ibn Abi Amir (975-1008), also known as 'Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar, was the son and successor of Almanzor (al-Mansur bi-'llah). He was the real master of Muslim Spain from 1002 until his death in 1008.

'Abd al-Malik ibn Abi Amir was hajib (chamberlain) of Cordoba from the death of his father Al-Mansur ibn Abi Aamir (known to later Spanish historians as Almanzor) in 1002 until his own death in 1008. He was succeeded by his half-brother 'Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo.  

Al-Muẓaffar (1002–08) continued his father’s policies, hemming in Hisham II and fighting against the Christians. After Al-Muẓaffar’s premature death, his brother ʿAbd al-Rahman Sanchuelo took the reins of power, but he lacked the fortitude to maintain the structure built by his father. 

Alternative names include:

'Abd al-Malik ibn Abi Amir
'Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar
Al-Muzaffar, 'Abd al-Malik
Ibn Abi Amir
Ibn Abi Amir, 'Abd al-Malik
Muzaffar, 'Abd al-Malik al-

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