Saturday, January 26, 2013

'Abd Allah Sultanpuri

‘Abd Allah Sultanpuri, also known as Makhdum al-Mulk, was a leading Indian theologian of the sixteenth century who is said to have issued a legal advice (a fatwa) to the effect that the pilgrimage to Mecca was not obligatory for the Muslims of India because the journey by sea could not be undertaken without European passports and the land route lay through Shi‘ite Persia. However, 'Abd Allah's conservatism and intolerance led the Mughal Emperor Akbar to formulate his own religion -- the Din-e-Ilahi.

Alternative names include:

'Abd Allah Sultanpuri
'Abdullah Sultan Puri
Al-Mulk, Makhdum
Makhdum al-Mulk
Mulk, Makhdum al-
Puri, 'Abdullah Sultan
Sultanpuri, 'Abd Allah

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