Thursday, January 3, 2013

‘Abd Allah ibn Iskandar

‘Abd Allah ibn Iskandar (1533-1598) was the greatest ruler of the Shaybanid dynasty.  He ruled from 1557 to 1598.  In 1557, he conquered Bukhara and ruled from there as khan of all Ozbegs.  He subjugated Balkh, Samarqand, Tashkent, Farghana, West Khurasan, Gilan and Khwarazm.  His strengthening of the central government was accompanied by new economic measures; the construction of irrigation canals and numerous public buildings; the improvement of roads; and monetary reforms that contributed to the development of commerce.

Known as "The Old Khan", 'Abd Allah was the last Shaybanid Khan of Bukhara.  He ruled as the Shaybanid Khan from 1583 until his death in 1598. His main war was the invasion of Persia from 1587 to 1598. This was largely achieved through a non-aggression pact with Akbar by which he recognized Akbar's right to rule in the territory of Kabul. Abdul Karim Khan (Yarkand) was the ruler of Kashgaria during the reign of 'Abd Allah. Diplomatic relations were not good between these competing khans.

Alternative names include:

'Abd Allah ibn Iskandar
'Abd Allah II ibn Iskandar
'Abd Allah Khan ibn Iskandar
Abdollah Khan Ozbeg
'Abdullah Khan bin Iskander
'Abdullah Khan II
Abdulla Khan
Bin Iskander
Bin Iskander, 'Abdullah Khan
Ibn Iskandar
Ibn Iskandar, 'Abd Allah II
Ibn Iskandar, 'Abd Allah
"The Old Khan"


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